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Café Carbòn De Pijp Menu

Food and drinks at Carbòn

Explore Café Carbon's menu: a feast of flavors with our signature steaks, grills, and more. Embark on a culinary journey in Amsterdam's heart. Taste the difference!

Café Carbon offers a rich and varied menu. Choose from mouth-watering spareribs to the finest steaks, such as an exclusive Côte de Boeuf. All the meats are grilled to perfection using a unique blend of coconut briquettes and charcoal for that distinct flavor. Paired with homemade sauces, spice mixes, and desserts, Café Carbon promises a culinary journey that's hard to forget, highlighting a commitment to quality and a passion for flavors that leave a lasting impression.

Menu (PDF)

Beyond our meat dishes, you'll find delightful fish dishes and meal salads on our menu. We also offer a changing array of specials. To discover what's new, check our steakhouse's Facebook page or glance at the chalkboards in our restaurant.


At Café Carbon, we take pride in our extensive drink menu and are always eager to recommend the perfect wine or beer to complement your meal. Whether you're in the mood for Affligem Beer, on tap or bottled, exquisite wines, a wide variety of spirits, or an assortment of soft drinks, we have you covered. Our experienced staff are also delighted to craft your favorite cocktail upon request. And if you're a vodka aficionado, don't miss out on trying the exclusive, artisanally distilled Absolut Elyx.

Sharing is Caring

Great food tastes even better with great company. At our steakhouse, you can choose to order a platter for the table to share with your group. This way, you all can taste and share dishes from our diverse menu together.